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SMART POLICING-with special reference to City policing in Imphal West District.

Problems in brief

In recent times, there has been a sharp increase in frequent bomb/grenade blasts in city areas as well as VIP/vital installation areas including intimidation, kidnapping and threats to both locals and non-locals businessmen. Thus, due to the prevailing law and order situation in Imphal West district, an Action Plan to prevent such threats and intimidations including extortions, has been drawn and put into places in Imphal West.


The objective of the action plan as part of smart policing is to ensure a sense of security to the public in general from threats and extortions as well as targeting for kidnapping for ransom, killing etc. The action plan takes into consideration the demographical distribution of communities, and care has been taken to ensure that such areas are equally covered. Moreover, the action plan reintroduces and strengthens foot patrolling, which is akin to beat system. The foot patrolling envisages coverage of deployed area surrounding and the visibility of police patrolling is expected to give confidence to the public and also improve its image.

(I)Action Plane frame:

For easy reference and understanding of the city area and greater Imphal areas, the places covered are divided into Zones and Sectors. Wherever possible, there are Zonal Commanders as well as Sector commanders. The action plan has a total of 63 points of deployment which are at all strategic points. It will be the bounden duty of every police officer and man deployed to maintain cordial relationship with the public and extend its arms in assisting and helping the public in need of assistance. Senior officers of the two districts i.e. the SPs, Addl. SPs, and SDPOs/DSPs shall reach out to the public by regularly holding public interaction programs, hear out grievances and conduct civic action programs as well. In case of exigencies, the deployed police/armed police shall be the first responder and attend to it. At the same time, the SP control room must be informed by the quickest means (WT set).

 In order to further improve the smart policing system in the city areas, the following are steps have been/ are being taken:

  • CCTVs is being in the city area which would act as the third eye and will greatly be beneficial in crime prevention.
  • The streetlights in the city and the roads and by lanes are highly required for better visibility at night, which will also deter criminals. The concerned Power Deptt. has been requested to do the needful.
  • The large number of garbages lying undisposed in the market areas and roadsides are not only health hazards but also security nightmares. The IMC is ensuring that the garbages are cleared up daily.
  • Bomb Disposal Squad has been strengthened to make up three teams to face any kind of exigencies.
  • The wireless sets have been updated to digital system using the best technology.
  • Dedicated landline for dialling 100 with multiple linkages to ensure that the number is never busy and is being introduced.
  • A dedicated team will be put in place which will also be trained for using the latest technology to be installed.
  • Computerization of incoming calls to enable the control room to record information received, the caller identity and the police team attending to the information given.
  • For this Vehicles of the police have GPS installed for convenience and for directing the nearest mobile or police team available to attend the crime.
  • The control room is also being integrated with the CCTV control room for easy coordination. Integration of CCTV, GPS and WT sets under one control room is being taken up.


As part of smart policing, the police also effectively utilizes the information shared by LI (lawful Interception) Unit of the PHQ, which has been greatly beneficial in preventing extortions, kidnappings, threat and intimidations to a great extent. However, even the machine installed at LI Unit also needs to be upgraded from time to time as well proper maintenance required.

(III) PA System:

To control crime, and create awareness among thousands of people thronging the busy Thangal and Paona bazaar, PA system have been installed at various strategic locations. The PA systems give awareness to the public on issues like thefts, Burglary, IED alert, frauds alert, pick-pockets, assaults, traffic rules, and cleanliness of the city. The entire Thangal Bazar and BT road is covered by this system. The PA system is monitored by the City PS

Actor Boney Sharma, ASI Sophiya (City PS) recording for the awareness programme for the PA System.



Prevention of crime is the motto of the district police. With this objective, the district police is also engaged in various forms of interaction with the public especially women and children. Officers of various ranks are involved in such awareness programs. The district police also work in close hands with the legal awareness unit of the CJM, Imphal West. Such interaction programs are appreciated by the public.

Class by District Police Imphal West on legal issues for the young students of Starway Enterprises, Nongmeibung. Legal awareness workshop conducted by the offices of the CJM/IW and SP/IW.

Regular social service in the form of cleaning and maintenance of public areas is also undertaken by the district police. Two such areas are shown in the pictures provided below.
Green-zone from a filth-ridden area, BT road, Imphal City.
Road median plants in front of SP/IW Office maintained by IW Police.
To counter increasing cyber crimes, a cyber crime unit has been initiated by the District Police West since May, 2014. Several investigations have been taken up and resulted in positive outcomes. One such case is that of complainant Kshetrimayum Achouba Singh dated 13/07/2015. His SBI account and ATM card details were fraudulently taken out by anonymous persons supposed to be owner of and Through proper investigation an amount of Rs. 48,454/- was recovered.


Between January, 2015 to July, 2015, 4(four) girls and 2(two) boys have been rescued by this unit. The latest rescue was of 4(four) Juveniles in May, 2015 under FIR No. 151(5)2015 LPL-PS u/s 370/365/366-A/368/417/34 IPC.



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